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About my Dad and Me

This is why I started this business

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran, 4 years. Navel Air Station Key West and in VF-84 on the USS Roosevelt CVA-42 (see photos below).  

Several years ago my father had a severe stroke and the doctors placed him on a strict diet. He was no longer allowed any salt, sugar or MSG in his food. I watched as he unhappily complied with this diet. He was no longer able to enjoy the taste of his food. Every meal was monotonous and needed some flavor.

Fantastic Salt Free Products

I developed 4 spice blends which my dad added to his food before and during cooking. Dad immediately began to appreciate the flavor it added to his food and made his meals enjoyable again. We knew there were many more people with similar health issues. My dad suggested that I bottle these blends so all these folks could enjoy mealtime again. Please remember that a little bit goes a long way.

We shared it with our friends and now we are making it available to you.

So many of our friends have high blood pressure, or they are hypertensive, diabetics, stroke victims, asthma, water retention, osteoporosis and so much more. They all still want the flavor but not the salt, sugar, msg or preservatives. These whole foods help you to have the flavor but without the sodium. These blend are also gluten free.

Our blends help these folks out when they are on a high blood pressure diet or diabetic diet.

Featured Salt Free Seasonings

New products are coming soon!

My Dad

This is my Dad

He owned his own business called Fortner Radio and TV. He was a very active guy and always on the go. He also has a lot of stress from work and his blood pressure was very high.

He suffered a very bad stroke. He had to learn how to walk and talk all over again. His new diet did not include salt and he had trouble with the food tasting bland. Many of the patients he was with had the same trouble.

I created these fantastic Salt Free Products

The stir fry blend was the first blend I made for my Dad. He just sprinkled a little bit on top of his stir fried chicken and vegetables and let the flavor cook into the food. He loved it.

The next blend I made was for the hot dry cooking like in a stove or on the BBQ grill. The ginger based spices cook into the meat and the flavor is amazing.

What about ground meat, salads and seafood dishes

I got this question often. Next I came up with a ground meat blend. This one you would mix right into the ground beef,  ground turkey, ground chicken or any kind of ground meat. It totally flavors it from the inside out.

Finally, I created a blend that you can just sprinkle on a salad. It's a dill base and is also fantastic when  you are cooking eggs or seafood dishes.

All blends are gluten free.

Video about all 4 salt free spices

This video will give you some information about my 4 different blends. Sorry it's not a professional studio video. It just a video I did in my kitchen. 

May your blood pressure always be low and your energy level always high.

If you have any questions you can email me at the bottom of this website.

Wow, really......... yes!

Oops - I accidently spilled ours next to theirs

I accidently spilled a little of the other product next to mine. My seasonings are ground so much finer. When I say, "A little bit goes a long way." It's true, you shouldn't have to chew your spices. Ours will cook deeply into the food and will last you a lot longer.

"A little bit really does go a long way".

It may cost a little more but it will last a lot longer.

Our fantastic flavor will always be there.

Salt Free Customer comments

Even my son likes them

Someone asked one of my sons if he was related to Fortner's Products and here's his response

Todd Fortner It's my Pops.  They're really good. All salt free!

Robert from Fort Lauderdale

Made a meatloaf today. I used your ground meat blend. My o my, it was so wonderful. You got a winner on your hands, but you already knew that.

Renee from California

Hi! How do I order some of your spices. I first bought your product in MN a few years ago and LOVE it. I'm in Los Angeles now, and need more!

New Products

We are working on some new products to tantalize your taste buds.

Keep checking back with us.

Shari from St. Paul

I love all 4 of the blends but my favorite is the stir fry blend. I'll be sending you a family recipe that my kids even love.

Keep checking back with us for new recipes

We try to post new recipes and idea every week. Please us your recipes and we'll post them

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