Fortner's Founding Father's

The Story Behind Fortner’s Famous Seasonings.

This is my Grandpa Jim

He was a husband and father to 4 children. 

Grandpa to 7.

He owned his own business called Fortner Radio and TV. He was a very active guy and always on the go. He also has a lot of stress from work and his blood pressure was very high. 

When he was pretty young he suffered a very bad stroke. He had to learn how to walk and talk all over again. His new diet did not include salt and he had trouble with the food tasting bland and flavorless. We watched as he unhappily complied with this diet. Every meal was monotonous. 


My Dad The Creator of our Famous Seasonings Blends

My dad hated seeing his dad struggle with meal times. While my Grandpa laid in the hospital my dad was at home trying to figure out how he could help. Dad would mix and blend until he came up with 4 spice blends. A little tidbit about the blends, The numbers you see are how many attempts it took to get that really delicious flavor. Dad would bring them up to the hospital for grandpa to use. Grandpa immediately began to appreciate the flavor of food once again. The Doctor that was overseeing my grandpa suggested my dad bottle these and share them with other people who experience similar health issues and struggles. So he did. These 4 blends are salt free, sugar free, no msg, no preservatives and they are gluten free. As time passed we had a lot of people inquire about a low sodium version of our delicious original blends. So we added the Low Sodium version for those who didn't need to cut out salt completely.

My Dad is a PROUD US NAVY VETERAN who was Stationed in Key West Florida

Served from 1969-1973

He is a loving husband, Father, Grandpa and Greatgrandpa.