Fortners Best Damn Seasoning Ever and it's Low Sodium!

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What? Awesome taste with Just a Touch of Salt but no other crap added, no sugar, no msg, no preservatives or additives, no fillers and gluten free. Now you can say, "I have the Best Damn Seasoning EVER!" Great for heart healthy cooking. A little bit goes a long way. A healthy heart and a healthy mind.

All 4 seasoning blends are low sodium and they taste damn good. (Stir Frying , Oven, Broiling and Grilling , All types of Ground Meat and Salad, Eggs and Seafoods). The 4-pack also makes a great gift for anyone whether they are on a low sodium diet, zero sodium diet or no diet at all but just great flavor. Remember, always check our website for additional recipes and ideas sent in by our customers. Just try this 4-Pack and you'll be hooked because the flavor is best damn flavor ever!

This is our featured product and is on sale here for only $15.50 for all 4 low sodium spice blends. 

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